About Us

Aldershot Images “aldershotimages.co.uk” is a new but long overdue potential venture for our locally based fine art, photographic printing and trade framing business. Over the last thirty years we have supplied numerous professional artists and photographers with their fine art printing, print presentation and framing needs.

Wellington Statue – Aldershot – MM

During these many years we have been continually asked if we have any ‘Images of Aldershot’ suitable for gifts or presentation. The town has a continually changing flow of residents, army personnel and transient workforce, many seeking a reminder of their stay here or wanting decorative art of local interest for their home or business premises.

We are pleased to say that whilst we have always considered the potential, we have up until now simply been too busy to trial or embark on this project. Now, as with many of you budding or professional artists and photographers, we find ourselves with time on our hands during these enforced lockdown periods.

Aldershot town, whilst it certainly cannot be described as attractive or pleasing to the eye in most respects, has many nearby attractive and artistic features. We are surrounded by vast areas of woodland and open spaces, wildlife fauna and flora abound. Historic buildings, structures and monuments are hidden deep in woodland or may sit side by side with some truly ugly monstrosities.

There is a wealth of opportunity for the artistic amongst us to find beauty and interest in much that surrounds us…. We simply have to open our minds to see its artistic merit !

Manor Park – Aldershot – JJD

The rest is up to you…. if we receive enough submissions of suitable quality we will go live with this website, promote the often well-hidden beauty of our area and hopefully stimulate the artist in many of you.

The Pictures

Wesley Chambers – Aldershot – JJD

Artwork is printed to fine art standards on heavyweight satin photo, smooth matt cartridge or light textured cotton watercolour paper as appropriate using manufacturers original light fast inks.

Mounting is in acid free, white core mount board with an aperture size to suit the image.

Wrapping is in a heavyweight high quality clear acetate.

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Thank you.